How to remove a DOM Element with JavaScript

In times of Single Page Applications (SPA) and modern frameworks this task is handled for you by the framework. For instance React removes elements from the DOM if a component is not rendered. But how to achieve this in plain JavaScript?

NixOS Dist Upgrade

In this article we will see how one can perform a dist upgrade of NixOS.

NixOS - How to remove old Generations

NixOS - How to remove old Generations

Google Site Verification with Nginx on NixOS

Google Site Verification with Nginx on NixOS

Setting up a NixOS server on Netcup

NixOS can be used flawlessly on several servers from different providers. In this post I will go through the steps on how to spin up a NixOS Server at

How to run the BitBox App on NixOS

BitBox is a hardware wallet for Bitcoin. It ships with a nice app which is available for iOS/Android and as well for Linux. On NixOS it is a bit tricky to set up but it is possible. In this article I show how to install it.

Quick Review of Sailfish OS 3

Due to the recent escalation of the trade war between US and China, I decided to check for alternatives to the two big players (Apple and Google) in the mobile OS market. So I decided to give Sailfish OS a try. Let's see how the OS fits daily needs.

Yesod App Gitlab CI Setup

Gitlab is a very flexible and fantastic alternative to classic CI servers. Nevertheless it is sometimes a bit tricky to set up. Hence, in this blog post we will cover a basic set up to build, test and deploy a Yesod application.

Linux Switch Keys with Xmodmap

In some cases it is not enough to detect a keyboard layout in Linux. For instance, using a German Mac Keyboard has switched key mappings for "^" and "<". In this blog post we will show how to switch those keys to it's correct behavior.

Install ghc-mod with GHC 8.2.2 on Linux

With stacks ghc version 8.2.2 it is not easy to install ghc-mod with stack. The reason are not matched dependencies. With a small trick we can install ghc-mod by building it ourselves. In this blog post you will learn how to do so.

ID-Cooling IS-60 CPU Cooler Review

Even though it is a software development blog, we will have a quick look at the ID-Cooling IS-60 CPU Low Profile Cooler. This is only my personal experience but I would like to share this anyway after I was desperately searching for a powerful low profile CPU cooler.

Matebook X Boot Menu and BIOS

If you have bought the Matebook X (which comes with the Windows OS) and you maybe plan to install Linux, you will ask yourself how to do this. In this blog post you will learn how to enter the BIOS and the boot menu.

How to enable automatic updates in Ubuntu

When you use Ubuntu for a while you will recognise that it is asking you for several security updates from time to time. This can be a bit annoying since they appear pretty frequently. In this blog post we will configure ubuntu to silently install those updates.

When to use Float and Double in Haskell

Float and Double look very similar. But how to decide which one of them to use in Haskell? Is there a difference in performance? Let's examine this questions a bit closer in this article.

Remove all Docker containers/images

Actually this is not too hard to achieve. We can just use docker ps to list all containers and use this list to stop each item in it.

How to define custom Layouts in Yesod

It's natural to apply one Layout to all pages to fulfill the DRY requirement. This way you don't have to write the same header and footer code for each page of the project.

Markdown syntax highlighting in Scala

Even though WordPress and other CMS systems are around, you may want/need to implement your own Markdown parsing and syntax highlighting.
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